THE WOOD OF THOUGHT  –  preface by Sandra benvenuti

In Donaggio’s view the mountains are a place where you can let down your guard and relax.
There’s no metropolitan chaos here. According to the author, the geographical verticality of their territories is always food for thought as well as an invitation to meditation. Everything takes on an imaginative role in Donaggio’s stories and color shapes: corn leaves become daring stakeout sentinels, whereas other elements whisper and hug at sunset; the snow entrapped in shrubs assumes forms of animals. Big snowballs modelled by the wind on picket fences look like disquieting human faces.
The Wood of Thought represents a flyby among natural beauties and fairy places, the same locations
re-echoed by the artist in his past remembrances as a child, when he used to be enchanted by the stories of princes and witches described by the multi-colored pictures that accompanied the tales. Today, he offers us – through his works – those very stories. With his magical images of unbridled wildlife Donaggio transports us – like a Virgil of Beauty – across a world of pureness and silence giving us the sensation of being lost in the reflection of his child’s world, fantastically surviving in maturity.