I come from the province of the 60s, where I used to create or invent toys by myself with the same imagination that still inspires me now in my daily work. I’m lucky since I had two good parents, my father was fond of art and classical music, my mother was devoted to the good cuisine and to the family care. This gave me the strength to carry out my studies far from home at just 14 years old, serenely. I took up photography when I was very young; in the early years of high-school, I would use my small-format prints as bookmarks for my text books, and the desire of investigating and reporting a fact or a story with a personal style was always a discovery to me.
I was brought up with the Beatles, the Pink Floyd, Stanley Kubrick, Asimov, Avedon and Hiro, then I drifted towards the new world of photography on an uplifting discovery journey which marked my existence indelibly. In fact, after my studies and the military service, I moved to Milan to work and study as an apprentice in fashion and still life photography.After numerous work experiences on the field, in 1982 I started to work as a freelance in Milan, where I opened my first studio.
The assignments with important advertising agencies and fashion houses increased. In the meantime, using part of the revenues, I was able to finance my innumerable experimentations in the darkroom and with shooting lighting techniques. Such research allowed me to accept new relevant work assignments with self-assurance.Over the time I strongly felt I wanted to direct my experimentation towards a new vision, not only more aesthetical but also more intimist. This kind of revelation was the result of a deep insight blossomed in my brain within a basin of spirituality which had remained in the dark for too long. It dawned on me that that experience was actually a “rebirth”, something that has led me to the way I am.Now I see photography as a mean to shape dreams, visions and matter just like the sculptor's clay; I compare the shooting to the brick that - with other bricks - build my sense of mystery.