I come from the province of the 60s. I was brought up in the golden era of the Beatles, the Pink Floyd, Stanley Kubrick, Asimov, Avedon and Hiro. Then – with these experiences – I drifted towards the new world of photography on an uplifting discovery journey which marked my existence indelibly.
When I started my career as a photographer I was very young and self-taught; I took up advertisement and fashion, then fine art photography. I started to live a long period of positive excitement which still goes on. As I grew older I felt the need to direct my research towards a more definite direction involving not only aesthetic beauty, but also – and especially – inner personal knowledge. It was like following the new threads of a deep root grown in my mind in an area of spirituality that I had not investigated yet.
I started an unstoppable artistic experimentation firstly with analog then with digital photography. Thanks to the meticulous practise of these techniques, I started a new deep introspective journey that has allowed me to see the conventional reality as a starting point to foresee other realities, far more personal and truer. Within that context I found an unexpected awareness of re-birth and maturity that ultimately led me to tell my present story through projects and words. My photography is synonymous with shaping dreams, visions and matter just like the clay for a sculptor. To me the shoot is similar to a brick that – piled up onto other bricks – builds my sense of mystery.

Franco Donaggio