DAVID vs GOLIATH – by Sandra Benvenuti

The metaphor of the great wall used by Donaggio to describe the meaning of human limit is very refined. He stops and observes it sharply, he inspects its details and shapes, he almost challenges it and melts so much with its “limit” that he becomes part of it. He analyses it with creative passion and deconstructs it until producing something different. Donaggio flies high with mighty, majestic wings that are so typical of those who have crossed many seas. And it is with his wings that he creates Sculptures!
With his distinctive elegance he composes a dreamlike hymn through his images, and offers us an intriguing concept of reality where Homeric echoes arrive as strong as wind lashes; here, rhythm and silence alternate in a perfect balance. With his firm and expert hand, the artist sculpts a new reality that originates from a free mindset typical of those who have faced their fears and can handle them.With an accurate sharp technique similar to a surgeon’s scalpel, Donaggio creates imaginative works which modify the meaning of everything; he produces strong, majestic, proud forms just like a dauntless general who is always on the front line to fight the fear of the unknown; you can “sense” the tension of a horse in battle; you seem to touch the tendons tensed up and hear the deafening echo of the swords unsheathed. Donaggio perfectly manages to catapult you into a terrain of war or make you dance with ethereal timeless mermaids.
With absolute naturalness, the artist alternates moments of atavistic tension with otherworldly visions; here you keep an eye out to catch messages coming from other worlds, here you volunteer for being the first passenger in this fantastic alien spaceship, as long as it helps you comprehend.
The artist, once again, is able to bend photography in order to catapult you into an unreal world which is elegantlyplausible, using a meticulous composition and the mature, innovative insight so typical of those who have researched, have seen the light and have demolished the “great wall”. An awesome work by Donaggio! A great David who has defeated Goliath with the stone of creativity!