The sense of limit often appears in my mental processes without notice, after that the flight of the dream has been stopped by an abrupt awakening.
I idealize it like a large wall precluding the view which drags me into the shadowy perception of the unknowable. In this laborious condition springs inside me the need for re-elaborating the reality by searching anywhere else with the playful eagerness so much typical of a child.
I have recreated the great wall with new appearances of anamorphic forms of characters that become actors in my theater of the unknown. Because of them, I surprisingly feel like a mocking puppeteer of unresolved questions animated like notes in a music score of a new passionate experience of play.

Franco Donaggio


Video art:
Ideation and realization: © Franco Donaggio, 2015

HD1080 p / CD blu-ray Dolby surround, edition of 5
Soundtrack © Red Rose Productions, 2015 Flavio Ibba / Paolo Fedreghini
Time 4’

Sculptures is a project realized in 2015. The series is composed of 15 prints in limited editions:

Edition of 5, pigment prints in variable size, numbered and signed on the back.

II artists proof