SCULPTURES  –  preface by Sandra benvenuti

During his walks in Milan, Donaggio comes across the great facade of Bocconi University. The building is imposing and its architectural severity hypnotizes him. Cement walls stand out majestically pointing at the sky and convey to the artist sensations of great fascination and turmoil.
Donaggio remembers: I was standing in front of this architectural work and I felt it was like an enormous wave suddenly freezed in slow motion, paralyzed. I realized I was the only spectator of a conceptual limit materialising in a huge wall, insurmountable for my eye and mind.
The limit can be an obstacle with manifold facets. To common people the simple answer to the void of unresolved questions is religion, whereas to Donaggio the same limit is a concept to be studied and investigated through the art practise, so as to exorcise it and recompose it into various features with the hope of possibly pushing it even forward. The artist writes: I have created a new composition of the great wall using new features, new anamorphic forms and characters acting in my theatre of the unknown.
With this new series of works Donaggio takes a new path of interior awareness and entitles it Sculptures. The grand stone wall, in the author’s composition, modifies itself. Thanks to digital tools the artist, like a sculptor, shapes the matter and creates ethereal structures as delicate as a young girl’s face or fearless like the general posing: he was produced assembling some elements of the new architectural complex of Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan in the act of leading his army across the big terrain of life.
In this project, like in his previous ones, the distinctive signature of the author is clear. His aim of climbing over the constraints of the limit is a concept that emerges in every single work.