FRANCO DONAGGIOby Fausto Raschiatore

“ I live the lagoon like a place of cult suspended between the earth and the sky./Immersed in my reflections, I observe the cradle of my origins./I think about my father and mother./I think about my story./I think about a future strangled by the magic of a present that I would like to go on forever…” In this Franco Donaggio’s “reflection”, loaded with feeling and poetry, there is the synthesis of a deep and profound love for his origins, the memory of his own childhood, the meaning of his early life. These are the true leading wires of Reflections, a photo essay carried out with his heart, in the Lagoon, on the horizon of time; wires that intertwine and give to this work a meaning, a dimension, the true sense of an extraordinary path through remembrances, hopes and emotions, thus producing visual results of great sensitiveness. It is a private, intimate journal, almost a love song this work where the photographer from Veneto – a poet of the light, of the sign and the shapes – tells us without using words, about himself and his juvenile universe. The author relies on Photography to narrate his own life and, in doing so, he shows affective participation. He wishes to give a meaning to his present time by observing the continuous dialogue between his present time and his past time, two fundamental moments linked by a profound tie. A tie that Donaggio makes clear and visible showing no qualms by using a linguistic style and an authoritative, expressive look to produce vibrant images of great awareness, sensitiveness and participation within a refined iconic plot fuelled by an essential, consistent and elegant narration. Reflections is therefore a story of poetic notes, emotional fragments, contemplative synthesis, fantastic interpretations of amazing spaces and intriguing signs reflecting an extraordinary graphics which inspires and attracts; grand and solemn silences conversing with voluptuousness and drawing a tone spectrum and essential meaningful figures among earth, sea and sky in a structure of sensations and expressive results imbued with a particular atmosphere. Franco Donaggio “sees” inside his own context made of never-ending segments. A magic, suggestive, nearly mystical world imbued with a religious connotation; a world where time lingers lazy and silent as though it were sleepy because of the many years spent; a world where peculiar and charming auras vibrate showing a metaphysical mode between real and unreal, abstract and descriptive, modern and post-modern; a universe of particular beauty where dominates – together with a cultured, almost aristocratic language – a stimulating compositional balance which the black and white shades highlight and project beyond the image, beyond the visible.