Morpheus' Spaces


The series Morpheus’ Spaces is a new challenge for me, since I have worked here for the first time with the feminine nude. To idealize an artwork that could inaugurate this new adventure of mine I thought of a visual metaphor of an Amazon dominating the sea with her long leather reins on a mighty living ship towards the line of an unknown horizon, insidious but absolutely fascinating.
The series Morpheus’ started during a moment of mental freedom by blending fragments of life and experience of reality into a vision transferred onto a new canvas woven with logics and very close to dreams. In these worlds the woman acts as indisputable protagonist; she takes up the onerous role of a rescuer in a world consumed by the oblivion of values and worthy things, along a path of strenuous reconstruction and beauty.
I love to think that, contrary to the story of Adam and Eve from the Catholic religion, the same woman does not offer to the man the apple of sin, but salvation.

Franco Donaggio


Morpheus' Spaces was created between 2013 and 2014. This series includes 23 images in limited edition:

Edition of 10, pigment prints in variable format, numbered and signed on the back.

II artist's proof