The project Escapes represents my technical migration towards the new medium of digital photography. I have always thought that a successful result is more important than the way to obtain it; in fact, the passage from darkroom to white room has improved and made the creative flux of my work lighter.
Escapes expresses a pause in the entirety of my photographic work; it is perhaps my personal and modest homage to the legendary vanguards of the early 20th century, but also my personal love for the world of art graphics and sculpture.
During those years I was going through a rich period of new discoveries, training and awareness of new potentialities. Manual skill was an important component of my experimentation. To create the graphic bases of each work belonging to Escapes – thanks to my precedent experience with the MetaPortraits project – I have cut out A4 paper sheets over an opaline back-lit glass and created aesthetic histories and synergies consecrated by the film and the scanner.

Franco Donaggio


Escapes was created in 1997. This series includes 16 images in limited edition:

edition of 5 chromogenic prints on metallic paper 16x20 inch. numbered and signed on the back.

II artist’s proof.

The work has been created by cutting out paper outlines by hand overlapped on a white opaline back-lit monitor and then photographed with a large format film. The image obtained has been subsequently scanned and colored through a digital intervention.