Before the Dawn


Before the dawn is a descent into my semi-darkness along a path rich in suspended spaces, accompanied by the breath of the night.
With the industriousness of a bee, gathering hundreds of small and big aesthetic elements, I have created worlds of smooth surfaces and of passing clouds.
Like in huge silent theaters, matter and clouds become visual metaphors of existential quest and time volatility. In these territories I try to find eternity through this unmeasurable and disarming grandness of this dangerous ambition. The hasty actors of my sceneries quickly walk to other theaters squeezed by enormous spaces, as enormous as my unmeasurable lust for knowledge. They move and trespass an earthly time to leap into another dimension, where the context of a real existence dissolves into a big plasma of chances and chaos like in dreams, like my obsession of the existential question. And of the awareness of the limit.

Franco Donaggio


The series Before the Dawn was created between 2007 and 2009.
It includes 37 prints in limited edition:

edition of 5, pigment prints 16x21 inch. numbered and signed on the back.

edition of 5, pigment prints 44x88 inch. numbered and signed on the back.

II artist’s proof.