I had the opportunity to live for a certain time with some dear Italian-American friends in Freeport, in the American state of Maine. They gave me the chance to get to know new perfumes of wind and earth; we had unforgettable light heartedness evenings. Thanks to them I move on a new land sprinkled with any possible beauty, I photograph with the same mood as the ones who pick the ripe fruit from the tree. Here with the landscapes covered with snow, the light pervades everything thanks to small clouds which are momentarily protagonists; in a never-ending blue stage the sun produces variable kind shadows. As I walk, I feel that every single step corresponds to a new voyage, I feel that within the space of my proceeding a universe of harmony opens up; it is made of matter and life and it becomes one thing with the snow of the sky; I feel that curiosity and a sense of wonder become my ideal lenses to see. Immersed in such a splendour, my senses expand, reinvent themselves, help me have new breaths and new thought perspectives. I reflect on my story and on the p resent, I yearn for that interior silence that allows me to reset my mind and see elsewhere with other colours. With this new awareness I move across large spaces and deep silences interrupted by a cold wind perfumed of tides. Here, I find again the wonder of the child I was, under a light illuminating far beyond the scenarios of my photography.


Silences was created in 2020. This series includes 54 prints in limited edition:

Edition of 5, pigment prints 12x17,6 inch, numbered and signed on the back.

II artist proof