REFLECTIONS  –  preface by Sandra benvenuti

Donaggio loves raising questions and disorienting in order to stimulate reflection and lead viewers to feel rather than to see. In this project, what emerges is a mysterious conceptual strength which draws precious nourishment from the conjunction between the artist’s story and his present as in in Reflections, for example, where the artist does not only catch what actually exists, but he also depicts the lagoon as something maternal and mysterious where the threads of remembrances of experienced vicissitudes, interrupted over the years, can finally become knotted again with present time, in photographic visions.
The lagoon of Donaggio is a land where emotions are free to fluctuate beyond the horizon of a polished noiseless landscape which leaves room in order to listen to time’s silent voice.
The images of the project, because of a basic elegant black and white, are permeated with a timeless quietness where nothing is confused. Every detail, no matter how out-of-focus or sharp, reveals everything: the author approaches the timelessness of the subconscious by challenging, once again, the reality with photographic credibility thus conveying a sensation of immortality and peace. With regard to this project, the artist says: I left my land when I was very young; now I would like to stop and reflect about my past, pay homage to what I once left behind and – from another time – dedicate a love song to the story of my past and to my beloved places. Reflections is a journey beyond the rational language, a sacred place that lives in the depth of the soul and, as he himself says, a love song.